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"BTMK x Tengoku Daimakyou" collaboration items will be shipped sequentially from July 15th.

15 years have passed since the unprecedented disaster, and the ruins of Japan are now infested with strange monsters known as "Hiruko." This is the story of Kiruko, a handyman in Nakano, Tokyo, and Maru, a boy who is entrusted with a mysterious request by Kiruko, as they embark on an epic journey to "heaven."

As a brand that originated in Nakano Ward, BTMK respects its hometown and uses its unique fabrics and dyeing techniques to provide customers with high-quality Japanese-made fabrics that blend into their everyday lives.

In this collaboration, we aim to make full use of this technology and, by incorporating the world view of "Tengoku no Daimakyou," bring new value to everyday life along with the messages conveyed by the anime.

Why not take this opportunity to pick up some collaboration items between the TV anime "Tengoku no Daimakyou" and BTMK, and bring the story woven with high-quality fabrics into your life?

Please enjoy the moving story and ultimate comfort of "BTMK".

©Masakazu Ishiguro, Kodansha, Heaven's Great Demon Land Production Committee

[Product name]: Sweatshirt TD01 (MADE IN JAPAN)
Material: 420gsm, 100% cotton
Color: BLACK (Garment Dyeing)
[Size]: S\M\L\XL

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