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BTMK x Mob Psycho 100 Socks EKUBO 2024 NEW VERSION

BTMK x Mob Psycho 100 Socks EKUBO 2024 NEW VERSION

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The fabric feels like a terry cloth and is soft and comfortable to wear, making it perfect for people whose feet get tired easily. These pile socks are soft and smooth to the touch, so you won't feel any stress.

The dimples are represented by red dots based on the color of the dimples that appear in the work.

The vivid color scheme will add a touch of glamour to your outfit.

Crafted with a soft and smooth texture, ensuring a stress-free feel when worn. They feature red dots that represent "dimples" based on the color palette of the character's appearance in the series. The vibrant color scheme adds a lively touch to your outfits, making them more cheerful and stylish.

Size: FREE

Material: 100% Cotton, Pile weaving

※Japan Limited Edition / Made in Japan.

*Due to limited production numbers, sales will end once the limit for each product is reached.

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